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School Teacher 

I am a qualified primary school teacher who specialises in Early Years. I have previously worked in independent schools, special needs schools, mainstream schools, private nurseries as well as preschool settings across London for the past 18 years. I am also a mother of 2 beautiful children aged 18 & 6 years old. I have enjoyed my role as a mother as well as watching my children grow up and become more independent.

I was a foster and respite carer for children with special needs for 6 years.  I taught some of these children how to read and write.  Some of my foster children had autism, ADHD, poor attention and concentration skills and delayed development of language, social skills, motor co-ordination and self-help skills.

My role as an educator and as a mother is to encourage pupils in my care to think for themselves, challenge and engage them in their tasks of interest.


Nursery Manager

Early Years Educator

I have a CASHE Level 3 in childcare and have worked as a room leader in an outstanding nursery in Liverpool. I have many years’ experience working in the early years sector.  

I have a real passion for working with children: My aim has always been to see children develop in a positive and engaging environment, where they are given the opportunity, encouragement and support they need to flourish.  

As a mother of two, I know how special the Early Years are and how important it is that every child is given the best opportunity to play, learn and grow.  

Cashe Level 3

We Care!

Nutrition and Food

We love food and want to share that love of food with children. We believe in the importance of a healthy and balanced diet to fuel growth and development.



Tapestry is a complete digital solution for your child’s development. It enables you to see what your child is doing at Grove Villa, monitor progress and  you will be able to see how this fits into their learning journey, including what milestones they are currently working towards.

Next steps Learning Journal

Your child will have their own learning journal. As you open the book and turn the pages you will be able to see your child’s/babies day captured with photographs and text.


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